Let Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing plan your next event! Fast Lap has entertained thousands of major company’s, bachelor party’s and individual groups for the past 14 years.  The Race and Shoot is  small group/bachelor party favorite. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing picks you up at your strip hotel, takes you a few short blocks over to Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing for the Mini Grand Prix(MGP). The MGP is a group event with a practice race, qualifying race and championship race for a Fast Lap Trophy! Each race is 15 to 20 laps depending on your driving skills. Once the fastest driver is crowned with the racing championship, Fast Lap transport your group over to the very best Las Vegas Shooting Spot, Battlefield Las Vegas! At Battlefield you will get 3 magazines of bullets for a machine gun of your choice! UZI, M-16, Tommy Gun, pick your choice and blast away! For the competitive challenge, each person in your group will compete in a handgun challenge, winner gets a Battlefield hat or t-shirt! Then back to a place on the “Strip’ of your choice!

Karting in Las Vegas at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Karting in Las Vegas at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

The exciting event takes just about 4 hours and cost’s $240 per person.

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