Racing is Best at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Experience first hand the rush of speed and adreniline as you race around our REAL 1/4 mile road course that is 20 feet wide for great racing in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Los Angeles area of Southern California. You walk in the front door, you hear engines running in the backround… as you sign-up your excitement builds. Next you sit down and watch our safety video to make sure you have an idea how to operate our high speed gas powered Sodi-Race Karts. The karts manufactured by Sodi Kart are one of the best, highly regarded race kart, both indoors and outdoors, World Champions in fact and have building race karts since the early 80’s. Now your ready to suit up(offered in Las Vegas) grab your helmet, gloves and neck collars and head on over to the pit’s! Our staff assigns you to your kart, jump in and your off to a 10 minute adreniline pumping race with up to 11 other drivers! You make the passes and cross the finish line to get the checker flag after 16 to 20 laps of racing, Heck Yeah! Grab your print-out and compare your race times with your group of friends, relitives or co-workers! Fast Lap is the place to build that winning team! Let’s race!

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