Real Racing Experience at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Get the real racing experience at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. Fast Lap provides you with Sodi-Kart Race Karts powered by Honda gas 200cc engines for the sight, sound and feel of a real race kart with speeds up to 40mph. Very light high speed race karts equipped with Tillett padded race seats, large disc brakes for responsive stopping and slowing of the kart, the engine and seat centered in the middle of the kart for superior handling. Of course all safety equipment is top of the line with Sparco neck collars and Vega Dot and Snell rated helmets.

Safety is our top priority, our karts having wrap around protection and our track with a continuous plastic barrier, suported by NASCAR tires to absorb any potential impact with the drivers safety our number one concern. We limit the number of drivers on our 1/4 mile track to a maximum of 12. If your looking for the REAL Racing experience look no further! Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing is your place for any kind of party, bachelor birthday or just a bunch of friends getting together. Fast Lap has also entertained 1000’s of small to large companies from all over the country over the past 10 years. Company sales meetings to corporate team building events Fast Lap Karting is the place. The best racing at the best price! Send us an e-mail or call us direct, we get back to you right away! Lets Race!  

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