Safety at Fast Lap is always our top priority!

Fast Lap uses only the finest karts and safety equipment available in the Karting Industry. Our karts are manufactured by Sodi-Kart, a French firm known for producing some of the World’s finest Outdoor and Indoor Race Karts. The Sodi-Kart weights about half that of the battery powered go-cart, so with any collision the impact is much greater in the battery powered cart. Our helmets are all SNELL rated and our neck collars are produced by SPARCO. The Sparco Neck collar is designed with an anatomical rear support. It has been homologated after a very detailed examination by a team of 8 physicians who evaluated its reliability in terms of protection from very strong impacts. A padding with different density degrees has been used. Thus, the neck support will be harder where it meets the base of the helmet and softer on the chin and in the rear areas, in order to reduce the burden of the helmet weight. As you know our karts produce speeds up to 45mph and great safety equipment is a must. Beware of the tracks that do not offer neck collars!race1

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