The Sema Show, largest after market auto show on the planet rolls into Las Vegas on Halloween October 31, 2017. If you someone in the auto industry I’d do whatever I can to get yourself a ticket. The show is huge with all the latest automobile accessory’s and cool things for your car. We are talking about everything from tires and wheels to interior extras. The Show takes up the entire convention center as well as other centers throughout the “Strip” area including the parking lots. Show girls come out to demonstrate new products as well as celebrities, both entertainers and racers like the Andretti’s!  If your unable to get tickets or you are going, for the past 14 years Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing has been a Sema Show favorite! So come join the fun and come race at Fast Lap, bring friends or come by yourself as you are guaranteed to get into some great races. We are located just 3 blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. Walk west on Harmon from the Cosmopolitan 2 long blocks to Polaris, turn right and walk one block north, Fast Lap is on the right side. It will add to your trip and give you the real racing experience in Las Vegas only gas powered Indoor Kart Racing Center. Lets Race!

Team Racing At Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

Team Racing At Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Las Vegas

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