Sign-up for the Fast Lap newsletter below and get special deals every month on racing here at Fast Lap Las Vegas and Fast Lap Los Angeles/Mira Loma. Fast Lap provides the real racing experience with Honda gas powered Sodi race karts. Light with the engine centered in the middle of the kart along with the driver for incredible handling Come race our 200cc race karts that can achieve 50 mph. Thinking about safety? Fast Lap provides you with the best safety equipment available. Fast Lap is also inspected 3 times a year, twice by govermental agency’s and once by a third party engineering company. Concerned about gas powered karts inside our 50,000 sq.ft. building? Don’t be, Fast Lap has a state of the art air circulation system that turns the air every 4 to 5 minutes, much like that of an underground parking garage. In addition, Fast Lap Karting has monitors throughout our building which would set off sirens and strob lights as well as notify the local fire authorities should such an emergency occur. The monitors are set to go off in conditions that are so low,  people could work for 8 hours with no ill effects. I am proud to say in 9 years of operating in Las Vegas and 5 years of operating in Ontario/Corona/Mira Loma they have only sounded while testing. So come race at the real race place where you safety is our #1 concern, then providing you with the Real Racing Experience at the very best price!

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