Sodi-Kart Has Been Fast Lap’s Choice Since The Beginning

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing only uses Sodi-Kart, the World Champion outdoor kart manufacturer. We feel the only way to give you the MOST AUTHENTIC, REAL RACING experience is to provide you with HONDA GAS POWERED SODI RACE KARTS ! A little more about Sodi-Kart:

SODIKART is the exclusive manufacturer of the SODI chassis. Our karts are all designed and produced in our factory in Couëron (France) according to very strict criteria. Each kart benefits from an individual quality follow-up (identification card), from its production to its delivery and all along its service life. Our production methods inspired by the automobile industry guarantee our clients a unique unequalled level of quality and reliability on the market.

The “Sodi Rental” range is intended for professionals in the rental business. With more than 1,000 tracks (indoor and outdoor) in the world, “Sodi Rental” karts enjoy an outstanding reputation and have been considered as the best rental karts in the world for many years.

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