Sodi-Kart the Choice of Champions at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

The Professional Outdoor World Champion Kart builder Sodi-Kart have always been Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing’s first choice. Picked for giving our customers the finest and real karting experience available. The HONDA gas powered Sodi-kart is light(just about half the weight of our electric friends) for superior handling and incredible balance. These karts are built like the outdoor style with Tillett Race seats, HONDA gas 200cc engines(not motors) centered in the middle of the kart to give the balance, not heavy in the front or rear, center balanced for incredible handling..Much like a Porsche Boxter or Ferrari. Many of our race competitors have rear end motors so the kart is not balanced and gives you the “push” into the corners. The sound and vibration of a real gas powered engine propelling you up to 50mph keeping the excitement level at the extreme through our professionally layed out race course where momentum is critical. If your looking for the best, most authentic racing at the very best price, then its gotta be Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

Located in Las Vegas, just steps from the famed Las Vegas Strip…. An in California just 35 minutes east from Downtown Los Angeles, 35 minutes northeast from Anaheim and places like Disneyland! Just 5 minutes from Ontario, Corona in Mira Loma/Eastvale.

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