Special Deals At Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing Of Las Vegas

Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing of Las Vegas offers special deals for our customers world wide during all times of the year. We feel and have felt for the past decade that Indoor Karting is the closest thing to real racing available to the general public. That Fast Lap has the best pricing and value on the west coast giving you more lap time for less money. Our races and race party’s are 10% to 35% less than our closest competitor and are in real gas powered race karts, giving you the sight, sound and feel of a lightweight racing kart. The weekends are always very busy, at times with waits up to 3 hours long at full price.

Discounted races are always offered Monday through Friday to give everyone the opportunity to experience real racing against the clock while on the track with as many as 12 racers. This also allows us the opportunity to fill in our slower days. We have never turn down a discounted offer unless it was presented on the weekend, it was expired(in which we give you the value of what you purchased it for for another product or race) or the customer is trying to manipulate the terms or agreement. We are all honest folks trying to provide the “Real Racing” experience to all our customers. We are not perfect and at times we can make an error, a new employee, bad communication or simply there was an error in printing of the discount.  The owner loves the business and is always available to try and rectify any problem that may occur. Although we get a 4 Star rating on Trip Advisor (which we think is the most honest, as you have to have actually been to our place to race. A 4.3 star rating on Groupon and Travelzoo, again you’ve purchased a discount so you’ve probably have gone. Facebook, yes another 4.3 star rating. It is our opinion Yelp is not a fair rating system as many of our reviews there are fraudulent, former employees, folks who we wouldn’t allow to race for being intoxicated, crashing into people on purpose or simply trying to use a discount on a day it’s not valid. When we have complained, they ask us to purchase advertising, that way we would get the honest helpers in who would produce honest reviews. It truly sickens us and thousands of other businesses who have been told the same. Some of the reviews they know are fraudulent as the reviewer knows the back room operation whereas a customer would have no idea. I’ve gone off on a rant, but if you are a discount user(which we absolutely love or we wouldn’t offer discounts, again we want all people to experience the love and excitement of real racing, low, middle or high income, every walk of life) we don’t have to offer a discount, these past couple of weeks we have had a few folks who tried to bend the rules, threatened to post negative reviews and made us think about stopping our discount programs all together. But we know the hundreds, thousands of great people who use discounts and appreciate the offers, we will just keep on trucking. Don’t get us wrong on the Yelpers, most are great people with honest reviews, it’s Yelps management who continue to allow in our opinion fraudulent reviews to get through with no real way to check them. Take a look at their Yelp page on themselves. It’s our belief  an honest pole of small business would agree with what we are saying. If it were a slow Saturday or Sunday and a customer brought in a discount of course we would take it. We love what we do, most of our customers do as well and we appreciate your business!

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart  Racing in Las Vegas

Getting ready to race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas



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