Team Endurance Race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing!

The team endurance race is one of our corporate favorites. Company’s as large as GOOGLE, Microsoft and Ford Motor Company and as small as a 12 person local accounting company have all enjoyed our Team Endurance Race! Everyone starts out with practice races, then qualifying sessions… For a group of say 4o, based on qualifying times we would create 10 teams of 4 racers, pairing up the fastest drivers with the slowest to make teams even. We then give each team 5 to 10 minutes to stratigize on who starts the race and who will finish it up, much like a relay race… With non-stop action, pit stops and driver changes, first team to cross the finish line wins! Fast Lap provides trophy’s for the winning team! The endurance race keeps your group together cheering on their teams!

Then for more fun, we put the top 10 racers, based on their earlier qualifying session for the singles company championship! Trophy’s will be awarded at the Championship and Bragging Rights Ceremony! For groups up to 100! This requires our private hourly rate which is the best in the karting industry! Get your team running on all cylinders! Race at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing in Las Vegas, Nevada or Los Angeles/Ontario area of Southern California!

Motorcycle and Off-Road Great Ricky Johnson

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