Today in Karting and Fast Lap Indoor Go-Karting

Dads, moms, sons and daughters can all participate and have a great time at races working as a unit to compete, putting their family teamwork to the test.

Karting can be a fulfilling after-school leisure time pursuit. Getting ready for the next weekend’s big race or the upcoming racing season is a great way to keep young minds active and young hands busy. Karting teaches discipline in a very understandable and direct way; if you don’t get yourself ready, you won’t be ready to enjoy your time at the track.

Goals are easy to identify and work toward in this healthy outlet and more than a few parents have reported that Karting is their children’s best skill and confidence-builder.

But Karting is far from being just for the youngsters. It is one type of racing sport that many professional and business people have become involved in, not only because its very low in relation to other forms of 4-wheel motorsports, but because of its effective, efficient use of that commodity that is often much more precious than money … TIME.

From an occasional weekend outing “just for fun,” to a carefully-planned, scheduled and budgeted year-long campaign for the national championship … you’ll find it all in KARTING!

You can find this at Fast Lap Indoor Karting. Fast Lap breaks up races into 10 to 12 minute race heats where you race around the track at speeds of 40 mph + and 15 to 22 laps per race. Fast Lap works hard to provide you with karts that are equal in speed and handling. Since we run gas powered karts almost all engines are equal, on occasion its the new set of tires that may make a kart just slightly quicker. Next time your company wants to do an outing, Tell them you want to GO RACING! And make it Fast Lap Las Vegas or Fast Lap Mira Loma, where you’ll find the best racing at the best price on the west coast! Fast Lap Las Vegas is justs 3 blocks from the strip and in California we are located on the very west end of the Inland Empire, Making Fast Lap just minutes from Corona, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga. Just a little over a 1/2 hour from Anaheim, Disneyland, Downtown Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium. You Wanna Race?

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