UFC Fighter Roy “Big Country” Nelson Races at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing

Roy “Big Country” Nelson UFC Fighter stopped by Fast Lap Las Vegas to get a few races down on our track.  If Big Country were a bit smaller he might have tried racing in the NASCAR Series! For a guy his size Big Country put down some pretty good laps for a first timer at Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing. People from all walks of live, from celebrities, professional motor sports, business owners and CEOs have all raced at Fast Lap. Fast Lap is open to all people wanting to experience “Real Racing”, we believe Fast Lap provides the best racing available to the general public in safest and cleanest environment. Please beware racing is a dangerous sport, we do our best to make it safe as possible. Oh, on you’re next visit don’t be surprised if you race with a celebrity!   Try our track in the Los Angeles area of Southern California or in Las Vegas!

Let’s Race!


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